Standing up

to maintain healthcare choice

and privacy for

our patients,

and ourselves.


Healthcare Workers Uniting...

We represent thousands and thousands of healthcare workers who are uniting to stand for our own healthcare choice and privacy.


For years healthcare workers have been required by their employers to subscribe to a mandatory vaccination program against our wishes.


Now the general public faces the same with Covid-19 vaccines becoming mandated in their places of employment, as a requirement to attend school, and even as a prerequisite to participate in society.


We say enough is enough. No more mandatory vaccines for anyone! If a product is so safe and effective, our industry wouldn't need to bribe and force people to subscribe to the product.


We will no longer be silenced by our corporate employers, we will no longer be bullied into receiving a vaccine against our wishes, and we will no longer stand idly by as our industry guilts and shames our patients.


Join us!


Stand for the healthcare choice and privacy of your patients, and yourself!

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Ohio House Bill 248: The Vaccine Choice & Anti-Discrimination Act

As Ohio healthcare workers - physicians, nurses, clinicians, and support staff - we support Ohio House Bill 248, The Vaccine Choice & Anti-Discrimination Act, sponsored by State Rep. Jennifer Gross (R-West Chester).


This legislation aims to preserve Ohioan's right to direct their own healthcare decisions with informed consent and free of coercion, and also maintain Ohioan's right to privacy in their healthcare decisions.

"As a nurse practitioner, Gross noted she is pro-vaccine and values the progress that the medical field has made in enhancing the health and well-being of humanity."

"According to the Ohio Department of Health, over three million people have received the COVID-19 vaccine thus far."

"'There are eleven and a half million people in Ohio,' said Gross. 'Many people across the state may be likely to decline vaccines like the COVID-19 vaccine for conscientious, religious, or medical reasons. Without the exemption provisions this bill provides, the notion of a vaccine passport could easily lead to a class system in Ohio where segregation and discrimination will proliferate.'"

Read more of Rep. Jennifer Gross' April 6, 2021 Press Release 📄

Read the Amended Bill that Rep. Gross Introduced at the first Committee Hearing on 5/18/21. 📄

​Read Rep. Gross' Sponsor Testimony from the Committee Hearing on 5/18/21. 📄

More about Ohio House Bill 248

Ohio House Bill 248...

  • Protects ALL Ohioans' vaccine choice.

  • Protects ALL Ohioans' healthcare privacy.

  • Protects ALL Ohioans from “vaccine passports” or other “registries”.

  • Provides ALL Ohioans transparency and honesty regarding existing vaccine mandates and exemptions in school and childcare settings.

  • Provides ALL Ohioans legal recourse if discriminated against for vaccine status.

  • Protects ALL Ohio businesses who honor Ohioan’s vaccine choice and privacy. 

Ohio House Bill 248... 

  • Is NOT about the appropriateness of vaccination as a practice.

  • Does NOT discourage, dissuade, or prohibit vaccination.

  • Does NOT eliminate an employer’s ability to recommend a vaccine to their employees or inform them of the benefits.

  • Does NOT eliminate a college’s ability to recommend a vaccine to their students or inform them of the benefits.

  • Does NOT eliminate the state's existing vaccine requirements or exemptions in school and childcare settings.

  • Does NOT hinder a healthcare professional from consulting with patients or parents on the benefits of vaccination. 

Our employers and professional organizations have taken a stand against our healthcare choice and privacy. And they did not ask us our opinion. These organizations do not speak for us...


Ohio House Bill 248: Call-to-Action

We are working with and following their lead for call-to-actions and sharing information with you! Currently they have asked us to encourage you to follow the below call-to-action... 





Join us at the Statehouse on 6/8/21 at 10am in Room 121. Even though only selected individuals will be testifying in-person, we strongly urge everyone to attend the hearing to show support for HB248.

  • Directions to the Capitol can be found on Google, MapQuest, etc by entering the address: 1 Capitol Square, Columbus, OH 43215

  • Parking is tricky downtown. There's plenty of options, but please have a plan ahead of time so you don't find yourself struggling to locate a place to park.

  • Capitol Security Screening requires some additional time, but is necessary. Please review Capitol Security Policies so you're prepared and can pass through quickly.

  • Wear Red to show your support of HB248. The brightly colored clothes get people's attention and easily identify us as being present in support of the bill.

  • Pick Up Some Info Cards from us at the Capitol. We will have HB248 info cards available for you to take with you, distribute to friends and family, so we can encourage others within our communities to join in support of the bill. Info cards can also be purchased from our website